Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos – Skiathos (7 days)

    1st day:

    Embarkation at Skiathos at 3-5 PM. Meeting point at Skiathos main port, to “Meltemi” coffee bar. Welcome aboard to the  sailing yacht. Meet the skipper. Settle in your cabins, while the crew gets the supplies for the trip. Departure at 6 PM, the destination being Panormos, in Skopelos. Estimated arrival: 7.30 PM. At sunset, we anchor at a breathtakingly beautiful, natural inlet, which is perfect for relaxing after a long day and having your supper on board. If you are not so tired  to go to bed or relax on board, the skipper can  get you on shore with the dinghy . In Panormos you can find some taverns and a couple of bars . Otherwise you can enjoy a drink on board.

    2nd day:

    You have the unique chance to dive in the sea immediately after waking up (remember, this is not a port and the waters are pure). Departure for Steni Vala (Alonissos) is set for 9 AM, and you can have your breakfast while sailing, as our arrival at the picturesque, small port of Steni Vala will take place at around 12 PM, as the day and place are perfect for trekking. The area has a number of signposted trails (you can’t get lost!) and you can go also far as the Old Village of Alonissos, 10 km away, perched high on top of the island’s mountain and offering amazing view of Aegean sea. For scuba-diving lovers, we can arrange for you with scuba-diving instructors and diving equipment, so you can visit the ancient shipwrecks around the area of Steni Vala. For those of you that dont want any of the above activities, you can go swimming at a beach located 5 minutes away from our mooring point or enjoy fresh fish in any of the taverns to the small port. In the evening after having a drink on board, whoever wishes can visit the Old Village of Alonnisos. You will get there by taxi. In the Old Village, you can wander in the cobbled streets and have your drinks at any of the village’s cafés, all of which offer amazing view.

    3rd day:

    Breakfast on board. We set off at 10.30 AM for Kyra Panagia, an uninhabited small island in the north of Alonnisos, sailing in the channel between Alonnisos and Peristera island, which is an ideal place for sailing, since it is always windy but the sea is always calm. After 2 hours of sailing, we arrive at the south inlet of Kyra Panagia and anchor in the emerald waters for some swimming and lunch . We stay there until 5.30 PM, when we set off for the north part of the island and the unique inlet of Planitis, the Mediterranean’s biggest natural port. There, completely protected from the weather, we can enjoy a night swim and dinner on board.

    4th day:

    You can get up and take a dive! Departure at about 10.30 AM from Planitis, headed for the eastern side of the island, where we can stop for 1-1,5 hours in the Monastiri inlet. You can swim or visit the Monastery there.  Then we sail our way to Kokkinokastron, a protected bay, for more swimming and a light lunch on board. Departure for Skopelos at around 5.30 PM, sailing along the coast of Alonnisos. Arrival at Skopelos at about 8 PM. There, you can take a stroll and perhaps do some souvenir shopping in the picturesque streets of the Village, and have dinner in any of the numerous tavernas and restaurants, catering to a wide variety of tastes. Finish off your night with a drink in any of the bars of the island.

    5th day:

    Departure from Skopelos, after breakfast, at 9.30 AM. If weather permitting, we can visit the rock of St. John, which featured in the film “Mamma Mia” at the famous wedding scene. The place will offer you the opportunity to take amazing shots and dive in waters of unparalleled beauty. Departure at around 12 PM, the destination being the south part of the island, so we can visit another place where scenes from “Mamma Mia” were shot, Kastani Beach. Swimming and lunch on board for you there. Then we set sail for Koukounaries, in Skiathos.  There, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the sandy beach and do any water sport you fancy and can think of (canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, water-skiing, to name just a few). Dinner on board.

    6th day:

    After a morning dive in Koukounaries, and have breakfast on board, we depart westwards for the Pagasitikos Gulf and the island of Trikeri. Before we get there, we stop at a secluded beach in Southern Pilion for a quick dive and a snack. We continue our trip for our destination, which is the island of Trikeri. Arrival at 6 PM. An option for you is to trek around the island. Trikeri is the ideal place for trekking, as there are no cars on it. Also, due to its size, you can see the whole island on foot in 1-2 hours. You can then enjoy dinner at the tavern located only within 10m off our mooring point. You will get to taste the unique spaghetti with crawfish, specialty of the tavern. You can also try “tsipouro”, the local drink. Don’t expect to find any nightlife here. The island of Trikeri is very quiet; however, we can wrap up the day by enjoying a drink on board.

    7th day:

    Breakfast on board at 9AM. Whoever wishes  can visit the Monastery of Virgin Mary, which is only a 10-minute walk from our mooring point. We set off at 10.30 AM, headed for Skiathos. We leave the tranquil Pagasitikos Gulf behind us and sail into the Aegean. At around 2 PM we anchor at the beautiful island of Tsougria, located just off Skiathos. You can take a dive in its crystal clear waters and enjoy cold drinks and a light lunch, prepared by your hostess. We then set off for Skiathos, where we arrive at 6 PM. The island is the most cosmopolitan of the Sporades complex. You can walk in Papadiamanti Street, the main shopping street of the town and around it, as well as the castle of Bourtzi. After midnight   you will see that the island is in a fun  disposal , and not stops until the early morning hours! You can sleep on board. Disembarkation takes place the next day, at 9 AM.

    Rental cost:

    • From 4 persons, with sailboat Bavaria 38ft, Bavaria 38 holiday, Beneteau 42ft clipper is 350€/day.
    • From 6 persons, with sailboat BENETEAU 46 CLIPPER is 500€/day
    • From 8 persons, with sailboat OCEAN STAR 49.5ft, OCEAN STAR 51.2ft, BENETEAU idylle 52ft is 600€/day.

    Price Includes: 

    • Skipper Tender
    • Cookware
    • Water (not drinking )
    • 1 set of linen per person
    • Electricity 12 V

    Not included:

    • Food and refreshments
    • Drinking water
    • Fuel (aproximately for all days 180€  )
    • Other supplies